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Flexible shaft version.Naviga mini eco class.
-Brushless 4 Pole Motor VZ1515
-BX40-ST BRUSHLESS  Electronic Controller
-Urgency Switch
-Number Holder
-All other parts assembled

ARTR Tenshock Mini ECO VOLADOR Boat 

Tenshock Mini ECO is a series of small and smart RC model boats. Famous professional RC boat

racers made the design of the boat hulls and the use of epoxy material with vaccuumized technology, 

the hulls are strong and stable. With the 4 pole brushless water cooled motor and the BX40 waterprooof

brushless speed controller(ESC), the speed can reach up to 50KM/H.


There are 3 different styles in the mini ECO series: Mini Swordsman, Mini Evolution, and Mini Volador.

You can choose yellow, white, or red color. All are assembled with metal parts such as flexshaft, couple 

and rudder. The steering servo, motor, and esc already installed for you. The Self-righting function is a 

special interesting feature of mini ECO. When the boat is turned over you don’t need to retrieve it 

The boat will right itself, turning back upright and ready to run again. Because of this feature it is very

 easy and convenient for the person who wants to run rc boats.


To make it more professional and safe we also install a safety switch and number holder for you.

So it is ready for professional competition.



-ARTR (Almost Ready To Run) 

-For control using 2 functions

-With 1 brushless electric motor  

-The model is ready for operation once the receiver and the drive battery have been installed 

-RC function 


 Forward, with proportional control  

-Material:Glass Firber/Carbon Firber/Kelvar



  • -Mini ECO MINI  VOLADOR  Hull
  • -Brushless 4 Pole Motor VZ1515
  • -BX40-ST BRUSHLESS  Electronic Controller
  • -Servo
  • -Urgency Switch 
  • -Number Holder
  • -Prop
  • -All other parts assembled


  • -Battery
  • -Radio (receiver and transmit)


All boats are out of stock now.

We are now pre-selling orders.

After you place order ,may need to wait about 7-25 work days to produce.

Please be patient!

Thanks for yor understanding and support.





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