-BOAT HULL:Not exceed a length of 450mm


 -WEIGHT:Miniumum 450g


Lipo 2-3s weight not over 110g including connectors

Nihm 7x2/3af

LiFePo 3s 18650 or 2s 26650



Race number and urgency switch are required.


Running Track
The track is an oval with 60m in length, 15m in width, made up by 6 buoys, clockwise.


Competition Rules

Competitors are to be divided into groups of max 6 people.After the commend “ boats in the water” is given an

accoustic signal will sound. At this point all boats must drive upto the 3 righthand side buoys, staying well outside

of them, and keep driving clockwise.The start is declared by race control as follows:10,5,4,3,2,1 start.Only after

this commend the actual racetime starts.If a buoy is passed on the inside, a 5 second penalty is given to that competitor.

If a second buoys is missed 1 lap will be deducted from the final score.

Any further missed buoys will be penalized by another lap deducted for each missed buoy.